We want you to CONNECT at One Hope!

Use the descriptions below to choose a team to be part of.  
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This team does the hidden, but critical work of preparing the theater for worship services and then taking down the equipment and putting it away each Sunday.
Includes:  Set Up / Tear Down
This is the team who help people feel welcome and comfortable at church.
Includes:  Front Door Greeters / Theater Greeters / Ushers
This team is more than singing or playing songs, we help lead people into the presence of God.
Includes: Singers and Instrumentalists
Lights, cameras, sermon slides and sound!  This team does it all!  This team creates an environment to help people both in person and those online experience life change through Jesus Christ.
Includes: Includes: Sound Engineer / Lighting Operator / ProPresenter Computer Slides / Video Streaming
OH Kids team teaches kids all about Jesus
Includes: OH Kids / OH Little Ones / OH Babies
This team is raising the next generation.  They love youth and are committed to seeing students come to know the Lord and grow in their faith.
Includes: OH Students