We're so excited to have the opportunity to return to Face-to-Face gatherings at One Hope Church! 

Your safety is our top priority! 

  • Cinepolis will be cleaning and sanitizing the building on a regimented schedule. 
  • Hand sanitizing stations will be available throughout the building. 
  • Masks are required by Cinepolis and we will be observing physical distancing in the lobby, hallways, and Theater.

Due to capacity restrictions, we will be utilizing online ticketing.  ALL TICKETS ARE FREE!

After you register, bring your ticket - printed or presented on your mobile device to check into service.

Our full children's services (OH Kids, OH Little Ones, & OH Babies) are closed at this time, so please feel free to bring your children into service with you.  However, you will need to reserve a ticket for each person in your family that is coming, kids included.  

Please select available seats that are appropriate to the number in your family group.  This will allow for physical distancing.

Also, if something happens that you can't attend after you have reserved a ticket, please log back into Eventbrite and release your ticket so someone else can attend service

We do  offer OH Kids for a portion of our service.  Children, 2 years old - 5th grade will be released to OH Kids after worship for the message portion of our service.   You still need to reserve seats for your children!  


If you have had any of the following symptoms this week, or are immunocompromised, we encourage you to stay home.

  • Fever over 100.4
  • Cough or Sore Throat
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Contact with Anyone Confirmed to have COVID-19 (In the Past 14 Days)

If you need to say home, 

we invite you to join us for One Hope Church ONLINE.  

We will be broadcasting our service LIVE at 10:30 AM. 

You can worship with us on Facebook or YouTube.

This will answer some of your FAQs

What time will service start?

Service time is at 10:30 AM

What safety protocols are being taken?

Cinepolis will be cleaning and sanitizing their building

There will be hand sanitizing stations throughout the building

Per Cinepolis guidelines, Face Masks are requested to be worn

Physical Distancing will be observed

We will not be serving coffee or any other refreshments at this time.

We will not be offering handshakes or fist bumps or hugs right now.

Our  Children's Ministry is not available at our in-person gatherings at this time. We are sharing Children's Ministry online weekly.

We will not be passing an offering plate in service, but you can give ONLINE, by TEXT, by MAIL, or a bucket will be available at the door.


We love you so much!  We're asking for lots of grace and forgiveness in advance!  We are doing all that we can to make this transition back #togetheragain as easy as possible, but we know there will be moments we miss or mistakes we will make.  Keep loving us!