21 Days of Prayer and Fasting

January 3 - 23, 2021

It's a priority for us to seek God first in prayer.   So during this season, as we seek God in prayer each day, we believe that His power will be at work in you and have an impact on your relationships, work, family and every area of your life.

During these 21 days, we will post a Prayer Focus on our social media accounts.  In addition, we would love for you to join Pastor David on  Wednesdays  LIVE on Facebook for 10 Minutes of a focused time of prayer at 7:00 AM.  In addition, we will have other times of focused prayer throughout the week!

In addition to this focused time of prayer, some of you may decide to include a time of Fasting.  Fasting simply put is denying yourself of something for the purpose of setting your focus on God.  Here are some ways you can participate in a Fast:

  • Complete Fast:  this is where you totally abstain from food and only drink water or juice (We highly recommend consulting your Doctor before beginning a complete fast.)
  • Selective Fast:  this is where you select certain foods to go without for a period of time.  Examples might include: soda or sugar.  Some choose to do a "Daniel Fast" which refers to Daniel in the Bible.  He chose to only eat vegetables and refused meat, sweets, and bread.
  • Partial Fast:  this is when you eat whatever you want, but not all the time.  So you choose to fast a meal or maybe choose not to eat from sun up to sun down.
  • Soul Fast: this is when you choose to go without something you enjoy or spend a lot of time with in order to focus on God.  This might include TV or social media or sports.  This is something that you give up to build up your soul.

We hope that however you choose to participate in this time of seeking God, that your life will be blessed and you will grow closer to God!

Also ... as an ARC Church, we love being connected to other Churches who are praying together during these 21 Days of Prayer.  For these 21 Days, you can join Church of the Highlands, Birmingham, Alabama as they broadcast each morning a  one hour prayer service.  The schedule is:  Monday - Friday at 7 AM and 10 AM and Saturdays at 10 AM!